Ugandan Coffee UK

Vision – To be the leading producer/exporter of agricultural and related products in East Africa.

Mission -To produce and export environmentally-friendly agricultural and related products, providing superior customer experience.

Ugandan Coffee UK was established in 2014 in Kampala, Uganda. It is involved in export-import of agricultural and related produce from/to East Africa. Its main office and agriculture processing plant are in Kampala. We are ready to store in advance in order to ensure any volume even in non-season, based on a long-term schedule of guaranteed supplies of quality raw materials.

“Coffee makes up 95% of Uganda’s yearly national exports”


Arabica was introduced to Uganda from Ethiopia around 1900, with further varietals introduced throughout the following century from neighbouring Kenya, amongst other origins. Most Arabica is processed with the use of hand pulpers but attempts are under way to upgrade processing through the introduction of eco-friendly integrated pulping systems, that simultaneously remove both pulp and mucilage whilst using only small amounts of water, making them particularly suitable for use by smallholders.


While Arabica was introduced at the beginning of the 1900’s, Robusta coffee is indigenous to the country, and has been a part of Ugandan life for centuries. The variety of wild Robusta coffee still grows today in Uganda’s rain forests and is thought to be one of the rarest examples of naturally occurring coffee trees anywhere in the world.