Our Philosophy 

Quality of coffee. Quality of life. Quality of business.That’s what drives UA Group. It brings sustainable livelihoods for farmers and better quality coffee for us all to enjoy.

There is a direct link between cup quality and coffee value,so we are committed to paying an additional incentive premium to motivate farmers towards greater income. Our trading mechanism has expanded economic opportunity for small-scale farmers to transition from commoditised production to producing coffee with intrinsic value.

Paying a fair price means coffee farmers can invest in their farms,and in education for their children.

“Coffee makes up 95% of Uganda’s yearly national exports”

Success & the future…

A large part of our success has been due to the direct and close relationships we have with our coffee farmer
partners. We want to continue to have a positive impact on farmers and particularly their workers by sourcing
coffee produced under conditions that provide correct labour standards. Improving the lives of workers in our coffee supply chain is important for the overall sustainability of coffee production.